Monday, July 16, 2007

What is a Pinkberry?

I finally happened into this frozen yogurt shoppe (more like hip nightlub with too many lights- vibe) with a long line after shopping at my dearly loved Trader Joe's. I was confused/puzzled/relieved at the only two choices of yogurt- plain and green tea. I saw a customer's order go by me (plain topped with fruit) sporting a computerized label on it with their name on it as well as the price : $9. Huh? What is now called "Crackberry" seems to be popping up all over Los Angeles and apparently NYC. (I think "Crackberry" also refers to Blackberries- the phone things). I looked it up on the net when we got home and found enormous amount of type devoted to this frozen desert. One person implied that since Pinkberry won't allow photos, nor will they share ingredients, there must be something addictive added.

I thought it tasted much like plain yogurt with the icy- soft serve consistency (I like that) but I didn't really get it. I admit, I was a bit snide about the craze that surrounds this place. However I was sitting here at 8:45pm on a Monday night, thinking about this "yogurt" (or whatever it is) as I have all day, wanting a little more. My husband was sweet enough to go and get it for me. But, he just called and said there were 32 people in line ahead of him. Are you kidding me?


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